Allen West Receives Medicare Award

After voting for the Ryan Plan, which turns Medicare into an under-valued voucher program, Congressman Allen West was honored with the Guardian of Seniors Rights’ award by the 60 Plus Association.

It's easy to guard something when it no longer exists

The self-proclaimed alternative to AARP began running 60-second radio ads in 30 Congressional districts – Allen West included – thanking Republicans for voting for House Budget Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, which would phase out the current Medicare program completely for those under 55 years of age.  The ads misleadingly assert that the Ryan Plan, which will turn Medicare into a voucher system, will make “no changes for seniors on Medicare now or those who will soon go on it”.

In an award ceremony at the nation’s capital, 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin said “While both programs are running deficits, seniors are not to blame,” Martin emphasized.  “After all, we seniors have paid into both all our working lives.  We’ve paid our dues but seniors know why deficits face both Medicare and Social Security.”

He continues “On behalf of 7.l million seniors that 60 Plus looks to for support, seniors know you’re in our corner. Congressman West, you have earned our respect and our appreciation. 60 Plus thanks you.”

Allen West has made clear how he feels about Medicare and those other big government evils.  We also know how much the seniors in his district responded at his latest town hall.



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8 responses to “Allen West Receives Medicare Award

  1. HankS_FtLauderdale

    Other than the Move-on plants who attended to disrupt, Congressman Allen West had a supportive crowd at both town hall meeting in April. Two Move-On women (by their own admission) sitting behind me were very agitated in the beginning of the meting. They actually started listening to Congressman West halfway through the meeting. We call this the AWE (Allen West Enlightenment) syndrome.

    • There actually were a lot of people who live in the district who are none to thrilled with his hard-line conservative stance.

      • AWSUX

        Hank S Writes the same post in every Allen West article. He thinks that Dems are infected by his zombie virus.
        Henry obviously has a weak mind and thinks others do as well.

        • ROFL That makes me feel a bit better. It’s depressing that people actually follow West’s word like it’s Gospel. But he should know that NO ONE is infected with the Allen-West-supporter bug. Although I am very curious as to which other West articles he espouses his intellect on to, and how he happened to come upon my lil’ ol’ blog

  2. Dave K

    It’s undescirbable how wrong this is! Judgement Day is coming!

  3. Dave K

    I’m so upset I ment to say INDESCRIBABLE!

  4. Found your blog through Stumbleupon. You already know I will be signing up to your rss feed.

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