Default: the Student Loan Documentary

Default: the Student Loan Documentary

The banks are still screwing us over. It didn’t end with the “Great Recession” and it did not begin with that era. They call it the “student loan bubble” and it’s not much unlike the housing or dotcom bubble that we witnessed in the early part of the 2000s. Republicans in the Senate just voted to allow the big 5 oil companies to receive a tax rebate in the billions. They complain about how jobs are being shipped overseas.

The Republican Party is looking to take away Medicare for all of us. These are the same people who guaranteed us “job, jobs, jobs”. These are the same people who refuse to take away the incentive for corporations to move their business overseas and/or hire overseas workers. One of the biggest problems, as they claim, is the current state of America’s education system. Screw “race to the top”, and especially screw the voucher program. What are students supposed to do once – and if they can- graduate from college? Default: the Student Loan Documentary is a documentary that deals with just that issue – American students being forced to go to uber expensive colleges, remain in debt well in to their 30s, and have a hat-toss chance of even getting a job in a field in which they are experienced. Please watch this movie: it chronicles the student debt that our country’s future is forced to endure, and illustrates where this country begins to fail when preparing our best and brightest for any kind of future they may have but is hampered because the GOP wants to make a statement. This is a must see for everyone entering college:



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2 responses to “Default: the Student Loan Documentary

  1. Andy

    I’m glad you mentioned this! College students are being left out in the cold right now!

    • Default Movie
      Did a really phenomenal job here. It hit so close to home, and (not to sound stereotypical, but truthfully) made me feel a lot of different things that I couldn’t not share documentary. I hope you tell other people about it, because this is an issue that effects all of us – personally, and espiecially as a nation trying to rebound from econmic disaster, we need the next generation of American’s to not be struggling with debt because they want to be major contributors to our society. That’s not what America is about, that’s not what we tell our children America is about. We have to do everything we can to help them grow, NOT hold them back.

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