Recall Rick Scott

Rick Scott doesn’t seem to realize that he was elected Governor of Florida, not emperor. The Oath of Office for the Florida Governor begins with the pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States and of Florida.

Even though the Fair Districts Amendments received more votes than he, Scott canceled the DOJ approval (filed by the previous administration) and is in violation with the U.S. Voting Rights Act.

Remember the “7-7-7 Plan” that promised “700,000 jobs in 7 years”? Since taking office in January, Scott has cut roughly 70,000 jobs, including the 30,000 jobs that would have come with high-speed rail plans.

Remember the two official state planes that he sold? Senator J.D. Alexander not only questions the legality of those sales, but puts it in writing. According to Article VII, Section 1(c) of the Florida Constitution and Sections, the governor must receive approval from the legislature. In a letter, Alexander asked Scott what his legal authority was in making that transaction. He also asked about some of the $3.67 million that was kept from the state treasury.

Democratic state Representative Rick Kriseman, of St-Petersburg,  filed a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow Florida voters to recall state legislators, cabinet members, and the governor. To set up a recall vote, a petition would require 15% of the votes cast in the last election.

Remember: Rick Scott won the election by only 50,000 votes.



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19 responses to “Recall Rick Scott

  1. Christopher Nash


  2. wes packard

    whats happening in the middle east can happen here. down with mubaric, kadafi. and corporate stooge rick scott. recall now. he is not an emperor. he is elected and must follow the will of the people.

  3. Paul

    Floridians please wake up! It is time to take a stand for your future and your children’s future. The damage this crook will do to this great state is not even subtle…it is absolutely blatant. Look, some of you have been fooled and many have been reactionary when you voted for this guy. I know a few who voted for him despite knowing that he is a crook. But we must take our state and country back. This is not what you want our great nation to become. This is not about communism vs capitalism, blacks vs whites, north vs south, or Americans vs muslims. This is about your fundamental American right for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is social warfare between the filthy rich and the working class. Do not let them divide and conquer us. Do not let them use shock and awe to confuse and scare us. We need to unite as a people. Please Florida and fellow Americans it is time to take a stand together!

    • The problem was that people weren’t fooled – they didn’t vote. Really – a guy who was indicted for Medicare fraud (stealing money from the federal government) is against federal funding that would bring thousands of jobs and a whole new economy to his state? I don’t know anyone who voted for him, but I can find multiple people who want him out.

  4. M

    Rick Scott needs to be recalled.

    I did not vote for him because his background was anything but truthful.
    He needs to be voted out to keep Florida where it should be. He is destroying
    our children’s education, the people jobs and our firefighters, policemen and teachers a pension fund.
    He’s rich what does he care. I bet his children never even went to public schools.

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  6. John White

    Sign the petition to get rick scott out of office at “”

  7. Admin

    I am doing my part to help gain support!

    Give Floridans the right to fix voting mistakes. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Never let any elected leader hold our state hostage until the next election cycle.

  8. Rick Scott who stole billions from Medicare now wants to steal tax dollars from teacher and state worker pensions and give that money to private companies. He wants to take public tax dollars and give that money to private companies…privately owned companies. This does nothing to pay down the state deficit. It is thievery plane and simple. It is a transfer of wealth from tax payers to benefit a few private companies. Wake up. Recall this felon.

  9. dominick micolupo


  10. Brigitte

    There is a proposition (HJR 785 and HB 787) that is currently underway, in which it empowers Floridians to start a petition to recall Governor Scott. Here are the steps:

    STEP 1: Locate your local representatives: and

    STEP 2: Here is a formatted letter if you wish to use, in which you can copy/paste to email your representative:

    Honorable Representative [NAME HERE]

    I am writing you because I only recently have become aware that the State of Florida does not have a provision in the Constitution that allows voters to initiate a recall of a state elected official. I am shocked that Floridians do not have this right, but at the same time encouraged to see that HJR 785 and HB787 have been proposed to the legislature to empower Floridians to take back what only we have the right to give. I impress upon you that supporting HJR 785 and HB 787 is imperative to ensure that politicians are accountable and acting in good faith of the public at all times. Any representative or senator that does not support this bill is not on the side of the people and does not deserve my vote. If you believe in American democracy there is no valid argument against supporting the right to recall. I implore you to do the right thing. Support HJR 785 and HB 787.

    Most Respectfully,

  11. Rachel

    Sadly if they do pass the legislation he’s going to veto it and I do not think there is enough people in the House and Senate that will vote to veto his veto.

    • I think if they did pass it, there would be enough backlash from the legislature that they would over-ride his veto.

      The other option is to put an amendment on the ballot, through the petition process. That can’t be vetoed by anyone and there only needs to be 10% (maybe 15%) of the number of signatures who voted in the last election .

  12. LarsM

    Anyone that will spend millions of dollars to buy the Governors office, can’t have the citizens of Florida best interest at heart. RECALL THE CROOK, “Slick Rick Must Go, Bad For Florida”

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  14. pb

    Tricky Ricky Scott is BAD for Florida. Balancing the budget and giving corporate tax breaks to the already ultra wealthy on the backs of average, middle class public employees (teachers, firefighters, police officers, EMTs)is a slap in the face to the employees as well as one way to further drive our state’s economy into the ground. In most FL counties, the school district IS the largest employer in that county. The pension reform bills in the legislature right now will have a major impact on the local economy of each county. School district employees are facing major lay-offs AND salary reductions. Add 3-6% pension contributions and public school employees won’t be buying much from anybody. What the governor REALLY wants to do is PRIVATIZE ALL SERVICES that the state currently provides. This is his and the Republican legislature’s way of re-paying their corporate friends for their campaign contributions. The state will be happy to GIVE those corporate fat cats the contracts to run all of those services, making them billions more. Oh, and the interesting thing is, the governor does NOT want any accountability-IF his corporate cronies provide little or nothing in the way of services to our children, the elderly, the disabled, etc…while raking in the do-re-mi, then so be it. It’s a win-win for the wealthy again. Scott’s motto should be: ” Let’s get to work making the rich, richer!”

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