Rick Scott Has a Plan For Jobs – Cut Them

Follow up on earlier post:  Recall Rick Scott

This blog is in no way dedicated to Governor Voldemort, but he hit new levels of evil with the most recent, despicable executive order cutting 15%  of the funding for the severely handicapped, slashing payments by 40% for the 30,000 disabled Floridians who rely on the state’s Medicaid program.

His rule of governing can’t be any clearer: he’s literally stepping on the most vulnerable to kiss the asses of the few corporations who hoard their cash despite record profits.  There is no reason he deserves the 30% approval rating he currently has.

In order to stress the need for a recall effort, I wanted to underscore this by updating some information from an earlier post. Recently, I commented on the stunning contrast between Florida Governor Rick Scott’s campaign promise to bring 700,000 jobs to the state of Florida. I noted then that the state of Florida was projected to cut almost 70,000 cash-money jobs.

Those numbers were wrong.

More recent numbers suggest that in the 4 months since taking office, Scott has cost the state roughly 74,000 jobs (estimates includes the number of jobs that were lost, in the long run, with the high-speed rail project). This includes 1,600 jobs cut from the Department of Health; 1,690 cut from the Department of Corrections and the Department of Children and Families; 28,500 expected to be lost from road projects;  about 4,106 job losses are yet to be determined but are planned for next year, or a total of 12,700 lost over the next 2 years;  and of course 24,000 to 40,000 jobs that would have come from the high-speed rail project that Scott nixed.


Thank Rick Scott for why China is ahead of us.

Thank Rick Scott for why China is ahead of us.

Those are just the state/public jobs that were cut by Rick Scott.

Florida A&M University, a private school, recently voted to eliminate 242 positions by their board of trustees.

Since taking office, private businesses such as the French firm, Teleperformance, has had to lay off 1,200 workers and retailers in Florida estimate they’ve had to fire over 5,700 employees due to Florida’s plummeting economic climate.



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