Florida Governor Rick Scott Thinks You’re on Drugs

Florida Governor Rick Scott thinks state workers are on drugs. So are poor people.

Rick Scott issued an executive order requiring drug tests of state employees. Governor Scott made his announcement while praising the Florida Legislature for advancing a bill for mandatory drug-tests of all welfare applicants.

“Floridians deserve to know that those in public service, whose salaries are paid with taxpayer dollars, are part of a drug-free workplace,” Scott said. “Just as it is appropriate to screen those seeking taxpayer assistance, it is also appropriate to screen government employees.”

(Notice Gov. Voldemort’s slick use of symbolism connecting welfare and state workers?)

Rick Scott wants your urine

In 60 days, current employees will be randomly drug tested 4 times a year. Beginning immediately, all new hires will be drug tested.

Oddly enough, there are some who object to this kind of thing. Like the federal judge in Florida who declared this policy unconstitutional 7 years ago. U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle found The Department of Juvenile Justice in violation of the Fourth Amendment when they ordered random drug testing.

In a statement released by the ACLU of Florida, Executive Director Howard Simon remarked “I’m not sure why Gov. Scott does not know that the policy he recreated by executive order today has already been declared unconstitutional”. It seems Emperor Scott views the Constitution (state and federal) as a gray area.

But wait! There’s more!

It turns out that one of Solantic’s more popular services is employer-related drug testing. Lucky for them, their founder, and major shareholder, is the Governor of Florida.



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